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Welcome to the 2018 Mason Pre-Season High School Classic

Inclement weather policy for the Mason Pre-Season High School Classic

Mason Preseason High School Classic Weather Policy

In the event that lightning has been sighted or there is a threat of severe weather, everyone must proceed to their cars and stay there until the “all clear” signal is given. Heritage Oak Park has a lightning detector. If it goes off then you will hear one long beep. Individuals are not allowed under trees or in shelters while the severe weather is in the area. Players are not permitted on the fields until the “all clear” signal is given. The “all clear” signal will be 3 short beeps from the lightning detector at Heritage Oak Park.

The Head Coach should be the only one who should check with the tournament committee for instructions on resuming play. The tournament committee shall have the authority to make the following changes if necessary:
1. Shorten games.
2. Terminate any game in progress. Games terminated after one half of play due to weather will be considered official.
3. Cancel any or all games if necessary. The Mason Preseason High School Classic tournament organizing committee, the Mason Boosters Club, Mason High School, or the City of Mason is not responsible for expenses incurred by cancellation of games.


Mason Pre-Season High School Classic
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